Are you afraid of the camera? How is that working for building your brand?

Why is it so many of us are afraid of being on film? God knows I felt this way at first, and still do after having produced and been filmed in almost 50 educational video’s now. But I pushed myself to get through it because I had to if I wanted to take a step forward towards achieving my goals of sharing my knowledge and know how with a lot more entrepreneurs and business owners. And I am committed to increasing my communication through video too because, when it comes to digital marketing, video has the absolute highest virility and open rate of any other form of social media marketing.

There is simply no better way to get your ideas, know how and the messages you want to share across to your audience. Blog posts, like this one, and the best written content does not compare to the viewing potential of even an average video. And of course a well produced video has even that much better of a chance of success; especially if it provides meaningful content others feel inclined to share.

And yet, as I continue to coach entrepreneurs and the businesses and organizations they have built in best practices for crowdfunding,  storytelling and helping them to build their digital media skills, I find so many who are completely afraid to look directly into the camera lens and speak to their audience. It indeed is a very common fear that can be a dream dasher, an idea killer or worse a judgement about yourself that you carry around for years.

In fact I was just having this very conversation today with an entrepreneur when into my inbox popped this video James Tuckerman from Not So Freaky University just shared.  It’s going to blow your fears away friends of being in front of the camera; and probably blow away a lot of others fears you might have too once you hear what he has to say, so give it a listen. I would love to know what you think after you watch. Please don’t be afraid to comment. Remember, your silence isn’t helping anyone.

To your highest purpose and best idea, invention, startup, venture or business self, friends.

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