Innovating Health

It’s cool to watch an inventor take the idea in his head and turn it into a startup.

For over a year I have been coming to see chiropractor, Dr. Waide Miller, as his patient. I have had some issue with my lower back and knees and he has really helped me make some progress restoring my strength, healing my injury and improving my health. I can’t thank him enough, really.

During this past year, at my appointments, I have also been learning that for over 20 years Dr. Miller has been obsessed with helping others to build lean muscle mass, and build it quickly and without soreness, primarily because it allows those of us with injuries accelerate our ability to heal. And it also help those of us struggling with weight loss do it more quickly, as well as helps body builders, and athletes, and middle aged women and men rebuild up their human growth hormone (HGH) to live healthier longer lives.

According to Dr Miller, and the body of academic research, when you achieve your peak fitness it efficiently boosts your HGH or ‘fitness hormone’. Increasingly HGH not only promotes muscle growth and effectively burns your excess fat, but also play an important part in promoting overall health and longevity, research Slide3shows. This means that the higher your levels of growth hormones are, the healthier and stronger you will be. Research shows that once you hit 30, your level of HGH begins to drop dramatically. As your HGH levels decrease, your levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 also decrease, which is another important factor that affects your body’s aging process. The longer your body is able to produce higher levels of HGH, the longer you will likely experience robust health and strength. Recent research on the impact of high intensity interval training workouts demonstrated an average of 771 percent increase in HGH.

Pretty compelling research to make us average Jill’s and Joe’s build more lean muscle, don’t you think?

A couple of years ago Dr. Miller started taking his research and theory and transforming it into a piece of equipment that would allow for super short strength training workouts that would accomplish all of his goals. The result is a what he calls Poe-Centrix.  He filed for a patent for his invention, which will be awarded this month, and is starting to make some real progress now with his channels to market. His son Aiden is working on building up the personal training system and franchise model while Dr. Miller is tackling sales to athletic programs at major Universities and a handful of professional athletic organizations he has connection to as well.

Lewis University just signed up to purchase one and will also be helping him do some research to improve their understanding of the education that will be needed to train others on its safe and effective use.  I have seen the product go from a home made machine to a more professional looking style that is now being fabricated for them locally.

It’s pretty fun watching someone go from an idea to a product to launching a startup; especially when they are as passionate about it as Dr Miller and his 17 year old son Aiden.

POE is 1-on-1 Personal training system designed around Dr Millers patented piece of equipment (POE). At their clinic, clients go through a 5 minute full body workout.  Right now in beta testing they help clients measure their results by offering  3 different ways to assess: 1)fat loss (POE Body Recomposition), 2)gaining muscle mass (POE Bulk), and 3)a maintenance program (POE Maintenance) for those trying to maintain muscle mass. The program is set up as an unlimited monthly membership of $80 per month at Hope Chiropractic Clinic located at 26 North Old Rand Rd., Lake Zurich IL, 60047. For more information you can email them  at