Alternative Finance seen through the eyes of an SME

When it comes to a small business finding capital, there is nothing more important then finding it when you need to.

Today with bank lending significantly down, alternative finance sources- like finance companies- are pouncing on sme’s in droves trying to take advantage of their need to find working capital. As a small business owner myself, I still cannot believe how many calls I am receiving daily.

To date I have received 455 calls from them after having taken out a loan with Kabbage in March. Some of them relentlessly call me, like this one, who has a robo auto dialer named ‘Julie’ who’s name got cut off on this call but whom, no matter how many times I have asked to be removed from the list, just calls me from another number.

Since they seem really interested in getting my attention, I decided to share this call with you to let you see how some of these companies act.  While not all of the calls I have received are like this, the vast majority seem like sharks and thieves. It certainly makes doing the work to learn how to crowdfund and find loyal fans and followers who believe in you, worth all the effort, I must say.

Take a listen to my finance call #455. I would love to know what you think. Please comment below or send me yours in an email to lisa at iaeou dot me.


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