Do you need a social media specialist for your small business to help out?

Dear Small Business Owners,

As 2016 draws to and end, one of my biggest Ah-ha moments this past year was the need to have someone on board to help me grow my following and find my ‘tribe’ of followers. The internet is such a noisy place these days that its essential for all of us small business owners to find those specific individuals who will become our cheerleaders, fans, referral sources and customers. The trick is to find it at an affordable price because if you have ever tried to grow your following then you know well it is extremely time consuming.

As such, I am proud to help launch Sana’s Kitchen in Pakistan with co-founder Sana Tariq Khan. This project is a very special one because not only has it brought one new entrepreneur into the world- Sana Tariq Khan– but it also has the potential to bring many many more into being as well.

Social media support is an essential resource small businesses need globally. Entrepreneurs are very short on time and we all need someone to help us attract more followers to help us grow our businesses.

Please take a listen to learn more about this training program to develop women who otherwise would just be sitting at home, unable to work, or leave their house, for cultural reasons, into social media specialists.

There are 2 ways you can support this project. One, is to offer to become a sponsor to train 1 girl and simply donate $140.00 USD to the project.

The other, if you are small business is to spend $140.00 dollars with us and receive social media support from the girl you sponsor for 3 months.  If that girl does a good job for you, you are free at the end of her 3 month training to continue to pay her either through us directly, OR she can work directly for you for as little as $50.00 US dollars a month.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please go here and enroll. If you want more information send me an email at

To your highest purpose and best self friends.

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