How brand alignment fuels growth.

TRG-brand-illoBrand alignment offers customers a perception of  ‘bigger value’ and business owners nicer financial rewards  these days. It all begins with the founder(s) walking the talk and embodying the mission vision and values of the brand, both personally and throughout every facet of their business and user/customer experience.

Small business owners have to reach their target market pre and post sale too if they want to cement a long lasting relationship. They have to educate, help users adopt their best tips and practices through experience, and use a variety of mediums to expand their engagement through consistent communication of their mission, vision, and values to effectively build momentum.

Customers usually have to see it presented a few different times, in a few different ways, before they start to really understand what it is that really matters about your product or service to them.

While it is true that different buyers come to their purchasing decisions for a myriad of different reasons- including speed, price, quality, innovation and utility- people in the end buy from you not because of what you do, but because of why you do it.

If you really think about that, its no wonder it takes awhile for your customer to achieve this level of understanding. When your customers come to know you enough to trust your motivation and intent, your marketing messages will mean a whole lot more to them. And they have to discover it over and over again through the different ways they consume your communication or interact with it. You have to meet them at their level of engagement and manage to show them consistently what your mission, vision and values are intended to do and for whom and why it should matter to them.

While you can try, through your marketing, to manufacturer this kind of honest value based connectivity, if its not genuine it will be detected for sure. And if it isn’t genuine, your brand will sink fast in the marketplace.

But assuming you have spent the time to find your deepest core values and their alignment to your brand, as well as to discover which forms of engagement are easiest for you to develop your audience and build your following, you will find yourself starting to build momentum and genuine enthusiasm. Just don’t expect to achieve magical result overnight.

For most of us, it takes awhile- on average 12-18 months- to create this kind of synergy across all our social/marketing channels. Assuming, of course, you are consistently working at it. It takes this long not only because its so noisy and more difficult to be heard these days, but also because it takes awhile to test how to best express your mission, vision values in ways that resonate consistently with your audience.

To your highest purpose and best self friends. 

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